Thursday, 3 October 2013

Studio Ghibli The Other Disney

Founded in 1985 and made famous by Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli is the flip side of the animation coin. Their movies have entertained international audiences for decades; and they have the privilege of being the only foreign production house to have won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature for Chihiro Ogino: Spirited Away.

Although their strategies and ideologies differ, Studio Ghibli and Disney movies have a lot in common. But while Disney waters down the story and changes the brutal ending, Ghibli draws the storyboard in a very different way. Ponyo is a little goldfish, the daughter of a sea-goddess. She is found by a little boy who she promptly decides to spend forever with. She also has some 100+ sisters, and an overbearing father.

Both studios also heavily feature witches, overprotective fathers, and naïve characters way in over their heads. But where Disney seems to be losing its charm today, Studio Ghibli prevails. Read more.

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