Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Your Pain is their Pleasure – 5 Worst Serial Killers of the Century

Seeping through the cracks of society, serial killers successfully deceive and satisfy desires by preying on the innocence and the warmth of the naïve. Here is a list of 5 infamous serial killers (no particular order), and their bloodcurdling tales.

The prime suspect in the disappearance of a hardware store owner, Ed Gein was visited by the local authorities for investigation. The authorities found the store owner, Bernice Worden, dead, her headless corpse hanging upside down from a rope, and her insides scattered in Ed Gein’s shed. Adding to the morbidity, the interior of his house was found to be decorated with ornaments of several other dead people. Police discovered chair covers made of human skin, nipples sown together to make a belt, a suit, and several masks made from human skin and several skulls in his house. read more.

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